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All is quiet as you enter the Hut, and it seems that you are the only likely visitor... The main room is cluttered with junk and several scratchy paintings hanging askew adorn the walls... You also spot a few tiny doorways leading out of the room into some even darker chambers...

 This site primarily contains some stuff dedicated to Wizardry Games, including the *Cosmic Forge* Editor. Though you might find some more potentially interesting stuff here... in time.

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14 November, 2021

  • Got a  bunch of sharing requests from people via google drive messages. Just realized (logging into the gmail) that the shared link to the editor is invalid, due to google security update or something.  Way to go, google, awesome service! It didn't even say that in all these messages (only in emails, which I don't look at at all). Anyhow, I have just updated the links at the Downloads Page. Hopefully, everything works. Sorry for the inconvenience, folks! 
  • Otherwise, except for the quickly unraveling social fabric (especially in the woke west), nothing is happening that deserve to be noted. That, and the craze about a flu, of course. Stay safe, sane people!

11 January, 2017

  • Wow, 2 years since last update here! Anyhow, Happy New 2017 Year to everyone!
  • Not much happening these days to CF. Most of the things done, the interest of people almost died out, I don't have much time now. Although I miss the good old days and the freedom of programming I had with CF, not mentioning all that reverse engineering...
  • Not even playing much games now...
  • Anyway, if you have any ideas, comments or whatever, throw it my way! 

20 December, 2014

  • Yet another year is coming to an end. And CF is celebrating it with a huge release of goodies of W6 and W7 (mainly W7). Check out the version 4.19!
  • Happy New Year to everyone! 

18 July, 2014

  • For some time there has been no updates. Been a bit busy with different things, mostly family and games.
  • Haven't done anything on Wiz3D for a while, lack of motivation + lack of time + being the only one person doing it... all these things don't help. 
  • New version of CF is out containing a lot of changes for W6 and W7. 

31 December, 2013

  • Another year has come to an end. This one was quite busy. I wish a Happy New Year to everyone especially to the visitors of this hut. 
  • Wiz3D has not seen any updates for a while. But there has some work been done in the background, though not much - feel pretty flat out these days and was playing some games rather that doing any work.
  • *Cosmic Forge* had few updates over this year, but most stuff is there already, so not much to do, just support mainly.
  • Anyhow, see you all next year! 

26 March, 2012

  • New update for Wiz3D engine. It is now powered with lightning-fast (can be literal) particle systems!  Check out the humble 'show off' screen shot.
  • *Cosmic Forge* also had update not long time ago and will soon have a new update with a couple of small bugs fixed.
  • Have abandoned "Frayed Knights" - it has become a bit boring and now tends to restart my computer quite often. Playing "Hellgate: London" now a little bit. It is not smart game but good to relax.
  • Somebody very important is going to have birthday this Saturday. 
  • That is all news I believe. Oh, yeah and the summer is gone, I think. Today, I believe, I had my last swim until the next summer. The water is already 'coldish' and this was the only weirdly warm day in about ten days. So... I feel a bit sad.
  • Anyway, everybody have a good Easter! 

22 February, 2012

  • The site is a bit silent these days.
  • *Cosmic Forge* does not get updated much, though a small release is planned in few days along with the updated Polish resources.
  • Today one of the few people using the *Cosmic Forge* proposed an interesting feature for W8: for a weapon add a chance to cast a spell on a successful hit. Unfortunately I see that it will require a lot of digging in the disassembled code and will probably consume heap of time. No way I can afford it now. 
  • Wiz3D is chugging along. Check out its page for today's update and there is a new screen shot. Though not anything too exciting - haven't beaten the CryEngine or Unigine yet. 
  • Reading Dan Symmon's "Olympos" at the moment (the sequel to the "Ilium"). It is quite good, though I have spotted a few discrepancies, but hey who is flawless?
  • Also playing "Frayed Knights" a bit. It is quite all right and makes me feel so much better about my Wiz3D engine! 


23 December, 2012

  • Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy 2013 Year! 
  • Finished recently Dishonored and Witcher 2. Nice games both.
  • Have some progress on Wiz3D but not much. Too busy these days plus gaming took its time toll... But it is still going and there are plans! 

6 October, 2012

  • Not much happening these days. Work, home, quite busy. Wiz3D has some decent progress. Recently added bump, parallax and relief mappings. Then point light shadows followed using cube maps. After that I have implemented projective lights. And the last, but not least - water effect! . Quite happy with overall progress.

3 September, 2012

  • Wiz3D is heading along well though not too fast, just added soft shadows and directional light cascade shadows. Before that 3D models and animations were implemented. Few screenies are here under 'Wiz3D' link and the development log is here. Need to add few fixes to CF and release the new version. No time!
  • Good weather outside. Spring!
  • One of the guys at work had heart attack on Friday, pretty shitty  He is all right but will require some surgery and that's good news.

8 August, 2012

  • Wiz3D is alive and slowly moving forward. Good fun as well. The page for it is available with a link to few screenshots.
  • It rains outside, but not too cold which is good.
  • Removed certain entries from the News - don't want this information to be publicly available.

17 July, 2012

  • Have added some screen shots of the Editor for W8 and also some accompanying music if viewing in slideshow mode.
  • Planning to create a page for the Wiz3D project to track down the progress. Will probably do it now. :)

30 April, 2012

17 February, 2012

  • Version 3.79 is out with few bug fixes.
  • Wingard managed to finalize the Polish translation for 3.79. Good work!

14 February, 2012

  • Created a pilot *Cosmic Forge* forum. The link to the forum is in the 'Links' section and also here
  • Version 3.78 has been out for some time already.

7 January, 2012

  • Got into the 2012 and here is the next update already. Never say 'never'.
  • Released 3.74 version of the editor.

20 December, 2011

  • Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to all fans of Wizardry and all other cool shit out there!
  • Released 3.73 version of the editor with some bug fixes.

20 July, 2011

  • Looks like the CF Agent injection problem under Windows Vista and Windows 7 is solved. Releasing Version 3.68.

5 July, 2011

  • Not much new these days.
  • Version 3.67 of *Cosmic Forge* is up. Just few tweaks.

3 June, 2011

  • Chris Carrasco's Mod for Wizardry 7 is available. It's name is 'Secrets of Alderan'. You can get it from the 'Downloads' section. Let me and the others know what do you think of it in the Guest book!

21 April, 2011

  • After some time of silence Version 3.66 of *Cosmic Forge* is up. Nothing new and exciting - only some bug fixes.
  • We are going to hit the Easter here in Australia. 5 days long weekend! :)

21 January, 2011

  • Version 3.60 of *Cosmic Forge* is up. Along with few improvements and discoveries there is a totally new functionality - Advanced Functionality. AF allows changing some hard-coded aspects of the Game using code injection. I got this idea from a guy on the forums. Since I don't have anything urgent to do in the Editor, I decided to go for the hard-coded annoyances. The first changes include:
    • 'Monster Spawn' Trigger - the missing functionality to create traps with Monsters popping out of nowhere is now available!
    • 'Monster Birth/Disposition' Trigger - the ability to change certain Monster(s) disposition on the fly (remember the Arnika bank guard?). Also allows some spectacular cinematic for a Monster  to be played before it becomes an active Monster (remember El-Dorado in Rapax Rift?).
    • 'Spell Effect' Trigger - allows casting any spell on Party.
    • 'Set/Reset Location Variable' NPC Script Command - allows influencing Location from withing NPC Scripts by changing Location Variables on which Triggers could depend.

10 January, 2011

  • Welcome to the 2011 everybody!
  • Have just uploaded resource dlls for 3.56.
  • A small update of the *Cosmic Forge* will be out in a few weeks I think.

 21 December, 2010

  • The New Year is nigh!
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody! :)
  • *Cosmic Forge* 3.56 is up - most likely the last update this year.
  • Going to see some fireworks in Sydney on New Year's Eve! :)
  • Got into the 3rd season of "Avatar: The Last Airbender". Enjoying it a lot.
22 November, 2010
  • The 2010 year is rapidly moving towards its end. You think it is still 19th, but it is already 22nd.
  • *Cosmic Forge* 3.53 is up along with few new features. The Polish and French translation should be updated shortly.
  • Started watching "Avatar: The Last Airbender" animated film series. Quite good. Nice music also. Haven't watched the movie and not going to.
5 August, 2010
  • Updated French and Polish language satellite Dll to support the latest Editor's version.
  • Reorganized Pages order.
  • Moved most of the CF changes history to a separate page.
19 July, 2010
  • Version 3.39 of *Cosmic Forge* is up. Fixed major issues with Polygon Reduction Algorithm. Can now load partially damaged PVL and OCT files.
  • Going to go to New Zealand for skiing for 10 days.
2 June, 2010
  • Added Some Links to the Home Page and to the Links Page.

8 May, 2010

  • Updated French and Polish language satellite Dlls to support the latest Editor's version. Thanks to Dark Savant & Wingard for French & Polish translation!

 7 May, 2010

  • STI Editor and STI Viewer are available for downloading.
  • Some Wizardry binaries are available for downloading.
  • mad god's Mod for Wizardry 7 Dos is available for downloading.

The Beginning

  • The Site was created.

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